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Marcel Hernandez

Founder & President

Marcel Hernandez founded Be About Change in 2016 to empower young people to pursue education and community engagement.

Marcel and local teams provide leadership workshops with students in Middle Tennessee to empower young people to address societal challenges through community-based solutions. Currently, he oversees Project L.E.A.D., a curriculum for youth that focuses on personal growth, leadership development, and long-term positive change through a combination of physical training, psychosocial development workshops, and financial literacy and investment education.

He received his BA in Communications, Business, and Music from Vanderbilt University.

In addition to Founder of Be About Change, Marcel serves as board member of Project Reflect (Smithson Craighead Academy) and was a member of the Advisory Board for the YMCA Latino Achievers Program in Nashville, Tennessee, from 2011-2014. He participates with numerous partner organizations, speaks with stakeholders at the Juvenile Court of Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County, and at local schools and organizations on topics ranging from empowerment, to motivation, youth violence, and other societal challenges.

Marcel enjoys spending time with family and friends, getting to know others, playing music, physical training, and reading.

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