I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Right now, there are young children in the 4th grade, becoming friends…they will ultimately share a lifelong friendship, helping one another as they struggle, lifting each other up, and encouraging each other to continue to find ways to Be About Change.

My friend and I became brothers in the 4th grade at Robert E. Lee Elementary in Dallas. He has been a tremendous inspiration to me. Here is his story (authored by him).


When people who really know me and know where I come from look at me today, I see a light shining in the reflection of their eyes. That light wasnt there 15 yrs ago, the reflection i saw in their eyes was dull and represented a hopeless future. I was on a path of self destruction and had no idea that the world that I was living in was lost. The game I was playing with the streets had my spirit consumed with darkness and I was convinced that nothing could stop my invincible hustle. My grind was the answer to my success in my mind and things like education and a career were for those who were born in a perfect world where the grass was green and everyone sat around a table and prayed together. I was convinced that dope money would take me all the way to the American Dream. It took me a long time to realize that I was wrong. Its sad that it took people dying around me and others going to prison for 20 plus years for me to realize that I didnt have everything figured out like I thought I did. There were millions of the unfortunate that were going through the same shit that I was going through but decided early that they were going to Be About Change. I wanted to Be About Change too. I wanted to live a long life and stay in this world for as long as I could so my children would never feel the pain, loneliness, heartache, fear, and hopelessness that I felt. We made it out and God had everything to do with it. Im not a devout religous man but prayer and gratitude has existed in my world before I ever knew what it was. My mother tells me to always remember where I come from. My father would tell me to never forget whats behind your back because your eyes can only see forward. No matter how much it hurts to stop and sacrifice a little of your time, labor or pocket change, there is always someone that needs you more than you need you. When a good freind of mine from elementary school, Marcel Hernandez, told me about the things he is doing for the less fortunate kids in the community I couldn’t help but be intrigued. He asked if id like to join him in a fund raising event that will help these kids get some college money and I didnt even ask what I would have to do, “of course I will”. He told me that I would have to run and crawl about 12 miles in the mud and go through about 20 obstacles with the Be About Change Team. So since Ive been running and crawling through the mud and moving obstacles out of the way my whole life, I accept the invitation brother. If any of you are interested in helping us raise more for the kids or would like to donate, click the link below or share with everyone you know. Im exited to get out there and apply my grind and hustle for a good cause. Sacrifice it all and leave it all in the mud! #beaboutchange @beaboutchange #alwaysready




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Marcel Hernandez

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