Chef to Table – Welcome

Welcome to Chef to Table, a unique program that provides you with delicious, budget-friendly, time-efficient recipes. Discover strategies and techniques to utilize food effectively throughout this pandemic.

Welcome from Chef Ted Tom

We bring Be About Change partner and advocate, Chef Ted Tom of SW Steakhouse (Wynn Las Vegas), into your kitchen, providing you with a one-of-a-kind family experience. In this program, you will receive video and live (virtual) instruction in preparing various cuisine/food styles, while being mindful of your time and budget.

You will build upon your existing kitchen skills with a focus on safety and build your confidence in preparing more varied food styles!

Thanks to our grant administrator for this program, some families participating locally in Nashville, Tennessee are also receiving kitchenware and weekly food boxes.

Watch the Braising 100 Series.


Watch the Braising 101 Series here.

Be sure to follow the Be About Change Vimeo page and social media pages (@beaboutchange), where program content will be posted.

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