2018 Scholarship Rules, Requirements, and Guidelines

***You must meet all application requirements to be considered.***

Review the requirements and guidelines below or DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION.

DEADLINE:        March 31, 2018, 11:59 p.m. CDT


Writing Guidelines

One essay – up to 800 words – about one of the following:

  1. A change you have made (or are making) in your own life for self-improvement;
  2. A proposed solution(s) for a societal/community challenge;
  3. A person who has had a positive impact on you;
  4. An organization in the Nashville area that has a positive impact on the local community.

Essay must be typed, double-spaced, and submitted via email to students@beaboutchange.org;

First and Last Names and email address must be in top left margin;

Title must be centered, bold, and indicate the writing topic by number (ex: #1, #2, #3, #4);

Email subject must be “Scholarship Application – Last Name, First Name”

Essay will be judged on:

  1. Well-thought-out presentation of ideas with respect to the selected topic;
  2. Concrete examples where appropriate;
  3. Attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
  4. Adherence to word count and formatting requirements.

Please read all requirements and eligibility guidelines

Requirements (see Eligibility Below)

Minimum 2.9 GPA*, verifiable by transcript and/or School Counselor;

Minimum ACT Score of 20, verifiable by official test results and/or School Counselor;

Essay, adhering to the requirements set forth above;

As a recipient, you agree to lead a writing workshop at a local Nashville-area high school within 24 months of receiving the Be About Change scholarship award;

As an applicant and/or recipient, you grant permission to Be About Change and/or any of its agents to use names, writing, photographs, video, and/or images for marketing and related activities (complete appropriate release linked below and submit to students@beaboutchange.org with essay).

*Grade point average means a grade point average on a 4.0 scale calculated with additional internal quality points awarded for advanced placement, honors or other similar courses according to the Uniform Grading Policy adopted by the State Board of Education.


Applicants and recipients must meet the following requirements:

Financial hardship, meeting the Federal Poverty Guidelines Standards (link):  recipients must provide proof of household income utilizing one of the following:  W-2s for household members, 2016 Federal Tax Return, letter from employer(s) verifying wage or annual income, and/or verification of household income from School Counselor;

Graduate from a Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) high school in Spring/2018;

Have been a Tennessee resident at least since September 1, 2017;

ACT/SAT exams must be taken on a national test date or state test date and prior to the first day of college enrollment. The ACT Residual test is not accepted;

Must enroll within 10 months following high school graduation at any postsecondary institution; trade schools and vocational schools will be reviewed for eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Award Amounts

Up to three $1,000 scholarships (one award per student) for any combination of the following:

Four-Year Institutions and two-year institutions: Up to $1,000 for the first full-time enrollment year as a freshman/new student

Two-Year Institutions: Up to $1,000 for the first full-time enrollment year as a freshman/new student

Vocational/Trade School: Up to $1,000 for the first full-time enrollment year/period/cycle as a freshman/new student


At this time, the scholarship is non-renewable


Recipients will be notified and announced May 2018. 

***You must meet all application requirements to be considered.***



Please email students@beaboutchange.org with any questions.  Thank you for your interest!

You must complete the appropriate release on page 3 of this document and email with your essay to students@beaboutchange.org.