Project L.E.A.D.


You can help a local student gain confidence and pursue higher education…through Project L.E.A.D. – meet program graduate, Keion here (in-depth News Channel 5 coverage here)

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Project L.E.A.D. is a student leadership program that encourages and prepares students – ages 12-19 – to continue their education and gain confidence to realize their true leadership qualities.


Project L.E.A.D. combines age-appropriate physical training with life skills and social and emotional learning. We emphasize education and personal responsibility.


Scholarships for higher education (trade schools, apprenticeships, community colleges, universities) are awarded each year to students that demonstrate the desire and commitment to continue their education beyond the standard high school curriculum.

Project L.E.A.D.

L.ead: learn to be a decisive, persuasive leader whose example helps grow other leaders

E.mpower: find the most effective ways to draw out your strengths—and the strengths of others

A.ssess: identify your best character traits and identify ways to address any areas that may need improvement

D.iscover: embrace learning and commit to consistently educating yourself


**Get to know one of our students, Kenneth B., and learn more about Project L.E.A.D. on News Channel 5’s series, Broken.


Be About Change has helped me to do the right things in life. I learned to avoid hanging out with the wrong people so I will not get a record to keep me from job opportunities. I also have a healthier life. My legs feel stronger from the physical exercises. The writing activities made me think!!! It brought back good memories from the past, how to change my mindset in the present, and to help me have a better understanding of what I want to do with my future.

TJ, Student

Be About Change helped me mentally and physically. Mentally as in breathing and science and physically as in workout. This could help the next child to change their ways. The counselors Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Ivan encouraged me to try hard and work harder.

James G., Student

The Be About Change program has made a tremendous positive impact not only in the life of my son, who graduated from the program, but also in our relationship with each other. This program challenged my son both physically and intellectually. Be About Change is a valuable asset to the Nashville community and at-risk youth who live here.

Kenneth Buford, Parent

Be About Change has helped my son have a more positive attitude about school and life. He does not like to get up in the morning but he was always willing to get up to go to Be About Change. Because of Tremaine’s participation in the program, he is choosing his friends more wisely and a happier child all around. Thank you for creating a caring program that points youth in the right direction!!

Beverly James, Parent

I believe the Be About Change program is a phenomenal opportunity for young students to be able to keep the motivation and tools necessary to make a change from what they’ve been doing and into a better future. This program offers mental stimulation through writing assignments and mentoring sessions as well as physical education which definitely builds character and something they can take into their adult life. For Markhel, he had something to look forward to on Saturday mornings by attending the class and often said it kept him out of trouble because he knew he couldn’t be out late on Fridays and after the class on Saturday mornings he was pretty tried and just wanted to come home and “chill” afterwards. Again thank you for the wonderful opportunity, everything is greatly appreciated!!!

Sheree Brown, Parent

I’m very impressed how the program has changed and encouraged my son to try harder and use his brain to be better young man…Thank you Be About Change for making me actually like my son again lol.

Eletha Verge, Parent


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