Empowering Youth Through Literacy and Leadership Programs

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Leadership & Literacy Programs

Project L.E.A.D.

L.ead: learn to be a decisive, persuasive leader whose example helps grow other leaders

E.mpower: find the most effective ways to draw out your strengths—and the strengths of others

A.ssess: identify your best character traits and identify ways to address any areas that may need improvement

D.iscover: embrace learning and commit to consistently educating yourself


Reading Success

Learning to read well is the most fundamental building block for early elementary education success. It is the foundation that determines the academic trajectory and success of students.

The Reading Success program (software/app) uses uniquely effective techniques to teach children to read, regardless of socioeconomic background. Its “Sequential Blended Phonics” accounts for how young children hear, visualize, and process reading skills. With the initial facilitation by an educator and/or paraprofessional, children can generally proceed on their own. It comes from years of research and experience and has never failed to teach children to read.

project leadership educating the youth



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