Believers in Be About Change


“The Be About Change program has made a tremendous positive impact not only in the life of my son, who graduated from the program, but also in our relationship with each other. This program challenged my son both physically and intellectually. Be About Change is a valuable asset to the Nashville community and at-risk youth who live here.”
Kenneth, Parent

“I believe the Be About Change program is a phenomenal opportunity for young students to be able to keep the motivation and tools necessary to make a change from what they’ve been doing and into a better future. This program offers mental stimulation through writing assignments and mentoring sessions as well as physical education which definitely builds character and something they can take into their adult life. For Markhel, he had something to look forward to on Saturday mornings by attending the class and often said it kept him out of trouble because he knew he couldn’t be out late on Fridays and after the class on Saturday mornings he was pretty tried and just wanted to come home and “chill” afterwards. Again thank you for the wonderful opportunity, everything is greatly appreciated!!!”
Sheree, Parent

“Be About Change helped me mentally and physically. Mentally as in breathing and science and physically as in workout. This could help the next child to change their ways. The counselors Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Ivan encouraged me to try hard and work harder.”
James, Student

“I’m very impressed how the program has changed and encouraged my son to try harder and use his brain to be better young man...Thank you Be About Change for making me actually like my son again lol.”
Eletha, Parent


"I know Be About Change Founder, Marcel Hernandez, personally, and can attest to his passion in working with the youth in our community. I enjoy working with him and am encouraged by his ability to grow the program and its impact. By demonstrating positive outcomes for youth through Be About Change programming, the organization also applied for—and was a recipient of—the Juvenile Court Community Partnership Fund – Youth Violence Reduction Priority grant. I look forward to our continued relationship with Mr. Hernandez and Be About Change. I strongly encourage champions of our youth and of future generations to consider supporting Be About Change."

Sheila D.J. Calloway
Juvenile Court of Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County

"Marcel and Be About Change have created a safe and, genuinely, accepting space for young people to find a great sense of belonging. Heck, when I entered their space as an adult I found it comforting to tap into my own vulnerabilities in order to fully connect with their participants. They are meeting our youth where they are, but they are not allowing them to stay there. Be About Change fosters their growth to help them reach their fullest potential.”

Lonnell Matthews, Jr.
Juvenile Court Clerk, Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County

"Since I met Marcel Hernandez in 2018 and learned about his work at Be About Change, I have been impressed with the organization’s dedication to serving young people and helping them learn the skills to become better students, humans and contributors to society. I have seen Marcel in action at juvenile court and at a public school and can attest to his desire to invest in the success of youth who may feel their struggles may prevent them from achieving success. They learn that they can be the change that makes their lives inordinately better."

David Plazas
Opinion & Engagement Director, USA TODAY NETWORK Tennessee; The Tennessean

“We all change on a daily basis – we grow older. And, with that age grows wisdom. Each of us should use our collective wisdom to make a difference in our corner of the world. By supporting the scholarships that improve the wisdom of our community’s youth, we can make a difference in their lives – one life at a time. That is what the Be About Change movement reminds us – helping one life at a time will inevitably help the lives of many.”

Lynn Adelman
Assistant Director (Retired),
W.O. Smith Music School

“Be About Change confronts the difficulties of making positive change in society head on. I have seen first hand the kind of difference it can make in the lives of our youth by participating in writing and coaching workshops. Marcel and his organization don’t shy away from asking the tough questions and heading to the front lines where positive change is needed most in our schools, juvenile detention centers, and community. I highly recommend you donate, get involved or join Be About Change in their mission.”

Graham Honeycutt
Executive Director, Tucker's House

“I think anything that promotes positive change is supremely important. I’ve had the opportunity to share my story and read those from others who are continually working for a better life and a better world. Be About Change has a great mission and offers hope to a great number of people.”

Erin Bahadur
Erin’s Inside Job

“Be About Change provides a voice, an opportunity, and a sense of hope for those who have never been heard. BAC is not only about promoting change, but placing the tools in the hands of the students who strive to take control of their destiny.”

Larissa May

“Be About Change is a great support to young people in the Nashville community. As founder of another local non-profit which supports youth in low income areas, the need for greater educational opportunities is something we see first-hand and it’s inspiring to know that Be About Change is addressing these needs through their programming and scholarship fund. Marcel and his team at Be About Change have a powerful mission and I know we will see their impact on today’s youth as they become leaders in this community.”

Liz Veyhl
Small World Yoga


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