The Sun Rises Within Us

It was a typical day in his early 20s, and he set out for the bar.  Almost as if out of nowhere, he was drawn to a woman that had incredible energy.  Laughter.  Happiness.  And what seemed like, at the time, an out of place, true joy for life.  Out of place, because, life had beaten him down, so much so, that he had tried to commit suicide


So…what did he have to lose by going after what she seemed to have?  

“Why are you so happy?!?” he asked her.  After talking for a bit, she said, “Why don’t I introduce you to someone who has helped me on my path.”

Reluctant, but willing, he thought, “Sure, I’ll meet this ‘guru.’ “  And as he arrived, the man greeted him in the doorway, and stared into his soul for what seemed like an eternity (really, only a few seconds) and finally said, “You’re here to prove me wrong.”

The man moved out of the doorway and let him in, and they sat down to talk.  After a brief conversation, the man interjected and said, “Oh, it’s your father.  Tell me how you created the separation between you and your father.”

As soon as the man said that, he surrendered to the process.  He started to think further and further back.  Every answer he gave, the man redirected him back to himself, asking ‘what did you do to create the separation?’  He was angry with his father when his father was dying.  As he played the tape in his mind, he said aloud, ‘Why didn’t you ever tell me you loved me?!?!’ And at that moment…the tears began to just pour out.  And the more he talked and thought and searched, the more he realized that his father did love him, and that everything he did for him was out of love.  And so he went home, and he was up all night, energized, with this newfound joy.  

He said to me, “My worldview changed.  Instead of being in a place that I couldn’t get anything out of, I realized I was here to GIVE something.  And as the sun rose at dawn, I felt like it was rising up within me.”

And with that…the Geoff Palmer we know today…was born.

A conversation with Geoff

Think about the first time you saw your favorite movie…what made it so enjoyable?  If your experience was anything like mine, it was the sense of timelessness–no focus on personal life, scheduling, problems, or thoughts.  Total immersion in the moment, and perhaps even a suspension of one’s own beliefs so as to participate in the reality of the movie.

This is what it’s like to converse with Geoff, and it’s likely because he’s so open about his experiences, thoughts, and beliefs, that, he shows you who you are; you simply have to open to finding ways to identify with his story.  After we spoke on FaceTime, I thought, “Imagine the possibilities if I conversed with everyone this way!”

Fear dissolves with connection

Geoff says, “If you genuinely want to help others, there is so much need for you here.”  After the life-changing experience in his early 20s, Geoff became more conscious of life around him; he came to respect people and animals in a whole new way.  A biology and psychology major in college, he had a natural curiosity for all forms of life and the motivating forces behind their thoughts and actions.  When he more closely studied animals, he discovered how so many species work cooperatively for the whole.

“For example, bees do what they need to do for the good of the hive.”  Geoff went on to explain, “We are programmed to survive…so we must also be programmed for joy.  When we cannot solve something, we have a choice to fix it or stop the pain, and often times, that pain is emotional, and we are so conditioned to hold on to it.  We need to make a switch to choosing love, and that helps us regain control of the human experience.”  Palmer’s beliefs about choosing love had so much conviction, this immediately led him to implementing (and maintaining) a vegan diet.


“Coming from a place where the world looked like a closed room for me, where I was searching for hope, I wanted to believe there was a way I could live happily.”  After experiencing the transformation that facilitated self-love, Geoff said life became about “me not contributing to the harm of others.”

Geoff says, “There is a level of procession of connection.  When you feel connection and see similarity…fear dissolves.  When we become familiar, we reconnect.  People are wanting the reconnection!  We are very disconnected.  We go to the store and barely make eye contact with the cashier!.”

I asked Geoff, “What do you do to move past fear?”

He smiled, and said

“All you have to do is reconnect to release the fear.  Forgiveness is probably the most powerful tool human beings can use right now.  We feel ashamed.  For example, people new to veganism go through [externally directed] anger.  Forgiveness is the key to letting anger go.  

Behind anger is hurt.

And behind hurt is the misunderstanding. When we reach understanding we can see that life is perfect.

We can try to find the perfection in things, but our own anger keeps us separate.  We replay the relationships until we figure it out.  The thing is…we share these complex emotions…and the more we recognize this, the more we can help each other.”


Clean Machine

Through his newly acquired perspective and attitude toward life, Palmer searched fervently for others like him.  He says he was looking for ways to support life and make it better.  In doing so, Geoff continued to make himself better.  An avid athlete since childhood, he has trained through adulthood (competitive bodybuilding), and even created his own dietary supplement – Cell Block 80 – to address the challenges of low testosterone, as experienced by so many as we get older.  Using the perfect combination of education, his own life experiences, and a sincere sense of gratitude for life and those around him, Geoff forged a path to continue to help others; he founded Clean Machine, an all-natural sports nutrition company that produces Non-GMO products that are vegan-certified.

As a dedicated student of biology, metaphysics, and philosophy, Palmer was eager throughout our conversation to share with me the knowledge he’s acquired about nutrition, psychology, decision-making, and the notion of cooperative thinking and living.  In fact, he is harnessing the energy from “water lentils” for his new plant protein called Clean Green Protein, with Lentein.  Geoff says Lentein is a plant…a weed, for lack of a better term, that was once considered a nuisance.  Geoff says, “It is higher in Essential Amino Acids and nutrient density than any plant ever discovered!  One scoop contains over 40% DV of omega-3s, it grows in 48 hours, has a near-zero carbon footprint, and about 98% of the water used is recycled. Not only this…it purifies water!”


Clean Green Protein is available now!

Learn more here.

Choices must come from empowered places

“Discovering and being able to utilize lentein is a result of our willingness to see value in things we saw as weeds,” says Palmer. “The information we bring into ourselves, is how our body chooses to adapt and change its cell structure, including its DNA, which will form new cells.  Our bodies – our skin – when it is cut, our bodies rush to heal themselves…it’s not a process we have to think about.  And yet, this is why we must bring more of the subconscious/unconscious to the conscious, so that we can make the best choices for ourselves.

For the youth in our society, Geoff talks about how disempowered, separate, and controlled, we have become.  He says, “you need to remember that you are powerful.  You control your body.  You have choices, you can choose to react or not react.  No one can take those choices away from you.”  Geoff says, “When someone comes to us in anger, rather than responding with anger, we need to respond with, ‘How can I help?’ “

As a final thought, Geoff shared “When a child is upset or crying, when we help them, it soothes them.  If we carry the heart of understanding with those around us like we do with children, we can more intentionally heal ourselves and heal others.”

And as sure as the sun rises each morning, it rises within us, with more opportunities for healing.


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